About Rogue Infinity Outfitters (RIO)

Our Mission

  • To inspire and educate each individual we float with about the Rogue, it’s history, and the amazing variety of wildlife that inhabit it…
  • To clean up and protect the Rogue River and her tributaries, and keep her living Wild Forever through a heightened awareness and appreciation of all she has to offer…
  • To unite the community and provide access to all ages and walks of life for an opportunity to learn about and experience the Rogue River in a safe, positive, FUN, and healthy way…
  • To provide skills to youth and adults centered on exciting outdoor adventures, river safety, rowing and paddling, Leave No Trace, and more, much more…

Meet Alyssa WarrenWood

Alyssa WarrenWood is a Grants Pass native who grew up just a quarter-mile from the banks of the beautiful Rogue River. Born with an affinity for the outdoors and a wild sense of adventure, at 6 years old she was riding inflatable kayaks with her family, and at 7 she was paddling her own. She was born to do this!

At 15, Alyssa was professionally guiding the recreation section with a small family-owned company called O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters. The perfect high-school summer job quickly led to a natural passion and near obsession for the river and everything Rogue!

Alyssa attended the University of Oregon in Eugene, earning a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Nonprofit Administration. At 20 years, she began her journey working for OARS on the Wild and Scenic multi-day section of the Lower Rogue. In 2017, Alyssa was named “Guide of the Year” for OARS, and after 8 seasons of dedicated service, decided it was time to pursue her own path.

Alyssa believes in the wild Rogue and the magic that our river has to offer all who journey on or around her waters. RIO is the intentional outlet in which Alyssa hopes to connect individuals from all over the world with the Rogue’s bountiful gifts, to change lives in incredible ways, and to keep the Rogue living wild, for…well, for infinity!

Equipment RIO Uses

Rogue Infinity Outfitters takes pride in using top-quality equipment and sourcing locally when possible.

Both RIO rafts are made by local Merlin, Oregon legend, SOTAR, the company that has championed the inflatable raft industry and is world-renowned.

All our oars have been carefully crafted by another resident icon, Sawyer Paddles and Oars, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our inflatable kayaks are the NRS MaverIK, a quick, responsive boat that is stable enough for beginners and big water, and fun for all!

RIO Family

RIO Dogs:

Meet Chessie and Otis!

Chessie is a 7 year-old Black Lab-Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. Her favorite place in the world is the Rogue. Whether she is running along the banks, swimming, or in the front of the raft ridin’ the bull, she is in her Happy Place. She loves BIG waves, watching otters swim and eagles, osprey, and blue herons fly.

Otis is a new addition to the RIO family, and is just over 1 year old. He is a Rogue mix, and although small in size, he thinks he’s the biggest guy on the boat. Otis loves sunning himself in a quiet spot on the raft, chewing sticks, and doing whatever Chessie does.

If you are interested in having Chessie or Otis join you on your Rogue adventure, they would be absolutely delighted! Please contact us for details.