"If you have a chance to do a trip with Alyssa....DO IT!  I took a rowing clinic on the Rogue river with her.  Alyssa's love for the river is infectious and  truly showed as she helped guide me down the river.  She's gracious, patient and extremely knowledgeable. And of course, FUN, she absolutely made the trip for me!  I left the clinic feeling confident in the skills that she taught me. I would most definitely do another trip with her, and recommend anyone booking a trip with RIO!"
Amanda Clements
Bend, Oregon
"Alyssa was the reason this was my best trip on the Rogue. It’s rare to meet someone that young that has excellent leadership and customer service skills, and shares her passion for the Rogue so eloquently. Very few people understand the impact their words and behavior can have on others. For someone inching outside of their comfort zone, or terrified that they can’t do the things they used to do, a kind word or inclusive gesture can have a monumental impact. While some folks thrive on competition, other personality types respond better to collaboration and encouragement.Alyssa seems to have a natural skill of seeing personality types and varies her approach based on the information. This understanding and flexibility, both with people you work with and your customers, is a key element of great leadership. Alyssa did a great job of leading a trip where everyone had a chance to get what they needed out of it. Watching her hit rapids with a gentle touch so that the photographer wouldn’t get wet and would get great shots, while watching and guiding the folks in the duckies and keeping up with the conversation junkies in the front of her boat was amazing. Her run of Blossom was the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of. Her calmness after discovering the rattlesnake at the Zane Grey cabin made me wonder for just a moment if she planned it."
Angel Bringelson
Salem, Oregon
"I really enjoyed it. It was very relaxing. I really, really enjoyed it. And I'd do it again!"
Eva Turner
91 years
“I recently completed a week long rowing clinic on the Rogue with Alyssa. I’ve been on many rafting trips and I can say without hesitation that Alyssa is the best guide I have ever encountered. She is the consummate professional whose technical skill is matched only by her passion and enthusiasm for the Rogue river. Her warmth, enthusiasm, sense of humor and love of the river is infectious. Whether your have never been on a river in your life or you are an experienced guide you will have the trip of your life with Alyssa!”
Matthew Tripp
"Experiencing the Rogue River and the Solar Eclipse with Alyssa and her crew in 2017 was a fantastic adventure. My husband and I have enjoyed some pretty special river trips on the Selway River and Grand Canyon, but from the moment we first met Alyssa we knew we were in for a something extra special. Alyssa’s love for the river and her beaming smile brought our whole group together almost immediately. The way the crew worked together at camp and on the river was inspired by her commitment to making everyone’s journey something to be remembered for the rest of their life. The food was healthy, creative and delicious; the daily flexibility in how we wanted to negotiate the river, in a kayak, being part of the team or sitting back and watching the expertise of our guides, was fabulous; but, most amazing of all was how Alyssa made sure we were in the perfect spot, able to sit in a natural amphitheater along the river and watch the Solar Eclipse – awestruck and connects (we even did sun salutations together!) If you choose to “run the river” with Rogue Infinity Outfitters, you will know that you are with the best! You will connect with nature and each other in a way that you will remember forever."
Bev Ringenburg
"Alyssa is a Rogue River native and it shows in her incredible knowledge of the river and the local environment. Her years of experience make running the Rogue fun and educational and she always makes safety a focus. She’s a total pro!"
Zach Sturges, MD
Bozeman, MT
"We had the pleasure of spending time on the Rogue River under the wonderful care and guidance of Alyssa Warren.  We took a team of managers on a 4-day team building trip, and every detail was preplanned without us having to worry about a thing.  As first timers to this amazing location, Alyssa was the perfect person to lead our team.  Her great love and passion for the Rogue River comes through in the stories shared and the lessons taught along the way.  As outdoors people, we appreciated the respect for the land, the animals and the importance of leaving no trace.  Every aspect of this trip was FUN!  There was a perfect balance of excitement, crazy team building and quiet relaxation time, which our guides seemed to intuitively understand and provide time and space for.  We would highly recommend Alyssa for your next adventure!  It would be hard to spend a few days on the river with Alyssa and not be changed in a good way.  Her positive energy and outlook on life is contagious … and she’s a badass!  Our team had such an amazing trip, that we booked the following year to do it all again!"
Melinda Stearns
Sierra-at-Tahoe, Human Resources Director
"Alyssa Warren has every trait I look for in a guide: She is first and foremost a professional. She is skilled at rafting and all of the million things necessary to prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip, from equipment management to food and beverage planning and service. She is also a great teacher: after only a short time with her instruction I was willing to run a class IV rapid because she said I could do it. I would book a trip with her again!"
Sidney Billingslea
Anchorage, AK